Hi Guys.

        My name is Titi. I’m the owner of this blog.

       I live in outside of generous city where I can enjoy in the nature, breath the fresh air and live a simple life during my childhood. Therefore, my characteristic seems to be like this place fresh, simple and cool that has no change in a long time although many problems, many troubles got caught up.

        Deep inside of myself is a desire to live bravely, fly freely. I said that because no matter how they make me hurtful or make me discouraged, I will change it into energy to charge a battery and do anything to beat it. After the battle, I will see the beautiful life in front of my steps. My life includes many tests which is for myself so that I can navigate my level, where I’m and what I can do and how hard I can try.

        Talking about my job, I have worked in Food industry in more than 2 years that brings to me the knowledge of agriculture in Vietnam and experience in FMCG industry from my customers like Nestle, Unilever, Vinamilk, URC… That helps me run the export project and enhances my problem solving, organization, team and time management skills.

       However, I’m early bored about the fixed time of office. That is one of the reson I’m interested in e-commerce and marketing because I realize that internet industry becomes more popular and actually potential in this generation. Gradually it’s going to be a tool, a facility for all companies, for groups or even for each person. In more than one year I’m staying on the way to search and learn the knowledge, the famous person, the groups, forums, blogs in order to get a view and understand it. It’s not simply but whole like an interesting journey. We can earn, as a result we can learn right now. But don’t forget that when we do something, it must contribute the certain value for our life via our job before thinking about money.

        All battles cannot fight alone, thus I’m finding the persons who like me or may have the same purpose or be concerned about my blog to build a team. We will share the knowledge, teach together, push ourselves forward.

       Nice to meet you. ^^



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